Don’t label my kid


Labeling someone is lazy - loving takes energy and understanding


Stereotypes and labels are for the lazy. For those who want to quickly put you or your kid in a box and then get back to their own selfish little space.

Many of us, or those we love, are victims of judgement, bullying, abuse, labeling, name calling, being ostracized for some reason or other. Some can “cope” with this and dust themselves off, while others don’t. If you don’t fit or others put you in a box, what can you do about it?


Don’t label me

What can I offer?

My life experience is right where my mouth is...

My childhood was not perfect but I was lucky enough to live through it and learn lots on the way and build on this in my career as a leading social worker with difficult kids.

Mental health

Mention “mental health” and whoa, “you got a problem”, but mention physical health and thats OK and let’s get you to a doctor, or hospital, and see what we can do...

Mental health is an issue for millions of people – regardless of race, color, gender, age, and socioeconomic status – each year. Some issues are mild, while others are more disabling and require intensive management and care. Often it starts when we are most vulnerable - as kids.

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